Thursday, May 31, 2012

Configuring the iPlanet as web tier for Oracle WebCenter Content (UCM)

If you are looking for configure the iPlanet as Web server/proxy to use with the Oracle WebCenter Content, you probably won’t found an specific documentation for that or will found some old complex notes related to the old 10gR3.

This post will help you out with few simple steps.

That’s the diagram of the test scenario, considering that you will deploy in production in an cluster environment.


First you need the software, for our scenario you will need:

- Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.0.15+ (Installed)

- Oracle WebCenter Content 11gR1 PS5 (Installed)

- Oracle WebLogic Web Server Plugins 11g (1.1)

- Supported JDK (Using Oracle Java JDK 7u4 for the test)

- Certified Client OS

- Certified Server OS (Using Oracle Solaris 11 for the test)

- Certified Database (Using Oracle Database for the test)


Then the configuration:

- Download the latest plugin:

- Extract the WLSPlugin11g-iPlanet7.0 in some folder, like <iPlanet_Home>/plugins/wls11

- Include the plugin reference to the magnus.conf:

If Unix (Solaris or Linux), include the line:

Init fn="load-modules" shlib="/apps/oracle/WebServer7/plugins/wls11/lib/"

If Windows, Include the line:       

Init fn="load-modules" shlib="D:\\oracle\\WebServer7\\plugins\\wls11\\lib\\mod_wl.dll"


- Include the proxy reference to the obj.conf of each instance:

<Object name="weblogic" ppath="*/cs/*">
Service fn="wl-proxy" WebLogicCluster="wcc-node1:16201,wcc-node2:16202, wcc-node3:16203" 
<Object name="weblogic" ppath="*/_dav/*">
Service fn="wl-proxy" WebLogicCluster="wcc-node1:16201,wcc-node2:16202, wcc-node3:16203" 
<Object name="weblogic" ppath="*/_ocsh/*">
Service fn="wl-proxy" WebLogicCluster="wcc-node1:16201,wcc-node2:16202, wcc-node3:16203" 
<Object name="weblogic" ppath="*/adfAuthentication/*">
Service fn="wl-proxy" WebLogicCluster="wcc-node1:16201,wcc-node2:16202, wcc-node3:16203" 

If you are using an single node setup, change the Service fn=…. line to something like:

Service fn="wl-proxy" WebLogicHost=<wcc-server> WebLogicPort=16200


With these configurations, your should have the WebCenter Content UI working with the iPlanet, test it. [http://<web-server>/cs/]

With the UI working, the last step is to configure the WebDav:

- Go to the iPlanet Admin Console (usually https://<web-server>:8989)

- Go to Configurations >> [instance] >> Virtual Servers >> [Virtual Server] >> WebDAV:


- Click New

- Populate the URI with /cs/idcplg/webdav:


- Select “Anyone (No Authentication)”, the wc Content will take care of the security:


This will allow you to use the WebDav feature and the Desktop Integration Suite, including double-byte characters.


Another iPlanet tunes could be done, I can cover in the next post related to the iPlanet.


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